Africa is a continent of extremes and contradictions, intermingled with stark scenic beauty and unique cultures. It can be warm and welcoming at the same time as being overwhelming and in-your-face. It offers a plethora of amazing experiences to those brave enough to give it a go.

Aside from containing half of the forested areas on the planet, the continent of Africa has a population of about 1.3 billion people, across 54 countries in 5 regional divisions.

I’ve managed to visit 16 countries in 3 of those regions and here’s what I’ve learned so far.

Northern Africa

This region is very hot in summer, with a huge variety of different landscapes, from ancient sites in sandy deserts, to sometimes snow-tipped mountains further inland. The hospitality I’ve experienced in this region so far has been amazing. People are always willing to help a stranger. Follow the links below to read about my adventures in specific areas.

The Port of Tanger in Northern Morocco
Adventures in Northern Morocco
Southern Morocco and Western Sahara
Mauritanian Adventure – Coast to Capital on the Iron Train
Things To Know About Mauritania
Egypt – Coming soon.

Western Africa

Whilst still quite hot, Western Africa starts to become a lot more tropical and green the further south you go. This continues into the eastern part of the region. This is great if you like tropical fruits like mangoes and coconuts, which were almost non-existent in the north. Although my overall experience in this area was great, it certainly threw a lot more challenges my way than I was expecting.

The approachability and helpfulness of the locals was often influenced by the degree of corruption present within the government. In some areas, it was utterly depressing to see how the government screwed over their people because of their greed. Yet in other places, it was uplifting to see how resilient people could be and the happiness they could derive from the simplest things.

Click the links below for more details on each country.
Super Social Senegal
Senegal, Southern Senegal
Sierra Leone
Côte d’Ivoire

Things to Know About Travel in Africa

Central Africa

Exploring in 2020

Southern Africa

Exploring in 2020

Eastern Africa


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