Who Am I?

Hey! I’m Kez. I speak 5 languages badly and tend to aimlessly wander around foreign cities in pursuit of the perfect travel picture that no one else will ever take. I still haven’t found that picture, but I always get invited to drink tea.

What brought me here?
I’ve always been curious about our beautiful world and decided when I was young that all I wanted to do was travel it extensively. I’ve travelled to 86 countries so far and along the way I’ve met some amazing people and had some awesome experiences.

While sharing some of my stories during my travels, I’ve been told on countless occasions that I need to blog about it! So here I am. You can read all about my lastest adventures here

What drives me
When I’m not travelling, I’m coaching the next generation and encouraging them to be quirky.

When I’m not teaching, I’m climbing hills to get the best view of the concrete jungle I live in.

When I’m not hiking, I’m probably riding a bike or doing something other people would balk at; bungee jump, anyone?

I also like to give back to the community, so when I have time, I offer it to volunteer for organisations such as Food Angel and Oxfam.

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