Contemporary Colombia Street Art

One thing you might find surprising about the Latin American country of Colombia is that it has a thriving street art scene. You’ll also find that the scene is not just for locals. Many international artists regularly create murals and other art pieces around the city. So join us on a tour of the contemporary Colombia Street Art scene.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota La Candelaria Memorial Mural

As Bogota was where Colombia’s street art scene was born, it will be the main focus of this article. That doesn’t mean that it’s the only Colombian town with a vibrant art scene. The events that lead to the explosion of the scene in Bogota, also ensured that it made it’s way to other cities in Colombia.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Diversity Mural

I was lucky enough to meet a street artist while I was in Bogota. He was more than happy to show me around and overload me with information. He’s an international artist who loved the Bogotan art scene so much that he decided to relocate there many years ago. You could say that he knows the scene pretty well.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia and its Colourful Cities. Old Man and Mural

Insider Tour of Contemporary Colombia Street Art

I felt that I’d hit the jackpot by getting shown the best street art areas by an artist who was clearly passionate. Not just about the art, but also about the place. He was happy to share some interesting insights into the scene and how it became what it is today.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia and its Colourful Cities. Space Mural

Street art wasn’t always a viable form of expression in Colombia. In fact, it was quite the opposite and one point! Back in the early 21st century, artists would complete their works under the cover of darkness. Until 2011, when two police officers tragically shot down a teenager in the process of painting his trademark Felix the Cat image.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Mural of a Boy

The Tragedy that Turned the Tide and Enabled the Contemporary Colombia Street Art Scene

As you could imagine, the shooting sent shockwaves through the community and caused citywide protests. People weren’t happy that a young life was taken over something so innocuous, nor the way the Police tried to cover it up. The ensuing international and public outcry caused the mayor of Bogota to issue a decree decriminalising graffiti and street art.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Beetle Mural

That decree of course came with a few exceptions. Public buildings and monuments were to be left alone. Artists also had to seek permission from the owner of the building before creating their works. Most building owners were happy to give it, as they got their premises decorated for free.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Woman and Dog Mural

Things got off to a shaky start, but eventually lead to a city that not only encouraged, but whole-heartedly embraced street art. With police that protected the artist’s rights to create. There is now an unwritten code between artists to protect each others work as well.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Mural

In some cases, police will even accompany artists while they are creating. To ensure that they can finish their work safely. As long as the artist has gotten the proper permissions. It’s amazing how transformative not treating artists like criminals can be for a city.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota La Candelaria Mural

Contemporary Colombia Street Art – Political Expresison

Much of the wall art in Bogota leans toward fantasy or upbeat topics, with generous usage of colours. However, some in the city prefer to use the medium to share their political views or comment on social issues.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Segregation Mural K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Bicycle Stencil

I was told that artists use political paintings to alert locals to things that may be happening without their knowledge. Or state their disagreement with the way some things are being done. By doing this, they hope to start conversations that will empower others to stand up for what is right.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Political Mural

Contemporary Colombia Street Art – Different Mediums of Art Expression

While the majority of the street art in Bogota comes in the form of murals or graffiti, there are also three other widely used street art techniques. One of those is stenciling. This is quite often used for political pieces. The artist will make a stencil and place their work in several different places.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Stenciling

The other one is called stickering. As the name suggests, it involves using custom made stickers to get a message across. Stickering tends to be more overtly political or satirical than the other mediums of expression.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Stickering

The last and least used medium in contemporary Colombia Street Art is probably tagging. That’s due partly to the fact that it gained a bad reputation within the scene, when tags were painted over others’ art. This is of course hugely frowned upon and once word got around that it wouldn’t be tolerated by the community, it stopped. The negative association with tagging however, wasn’t so quick to die off.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Tagging

Contemporary Colombia Street Art – Cats, Cats and More Cats

I couldn’t help but notice that a great deal of the murals and artworks in town were of cats. This brought me to two conclusions. Either artists in Bogota are obsessed with cats. Or this is a subtle homage to the life of the teenager whose death brought about the change that made all current works of contemporary Colombia Street Art possible.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Cat Mural 1 K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Cat Mural 2 K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Big Cat

Who needs YouTube cat videos when you can look at beautifully creepy cats like these?

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Colourful Cat Mural

Contemporary Colombia Street Art – Bringing Colour and Hope to Low Income Neighbourhoods

Some artists are very active within the community and have partnered with local businesses. These businesses are helping to realise the artists’ dreams of touching the lives of the less fortunate through their art. The first step towards that dream involves beautifying those communities with murals that span many buildings. When viewed from a focal point, those paintings come together to create a master mural.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Contemporary Colombia Street Art. Bogota Dragon Mural

After beautifying, the aim is to get youth involved in the street art scene. The idea being that giving people in these low-income areas opportunities will give them the chance at a brighter future. And keep them away from other, possibly destructive pastimes.

All in all, the contemporary Colombia street art scene is pretty freaking amazing. It really adds an overall positive vibe to the atmosphere of the place. You could literally spend days walking around admiring the art. It’s also kind of exciting to walk along and wonder what will be painted on the next wall.

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48 Replies to “Contemporary Colombia Street Art”

  1. What breathtaking art!! Street art has such a wide variety and showcases so many artists, it’s amazing to be able to see some from other parts of the world.

  2. So much talent out on the streets to take in! Beautiful bold colors and amazing designs. I can see where experiencing the art in person would be truly captivating. Thanks for the tour and the cultural lesson :)

    1. I loved the brightness of it all! I think the camera just doesn’t do it justice, so it’s always better to see these kinda things in person!

    1. I always have to stop and look when I see street art, wherever I am. In most places that means taking an extra hour or so to admire it. In Colombia, it means taking several days to admire it!

  3. These are some thought-provoking and “IG worthy” street art. I booked a graffiti tour when I went to Cartagena and the guide stood me up. Hopefully, I’ll get another shot one of these days.

    1. Aw man, that’s terrible that your guide didn’t show up. I’m sure all the street art tours would be very informative. Artists are a passionate bunch!

  4. This art is beautiful! I love that they decided to embrace the culture and encourage people to do more after such a tragedy. I wish street art was encouraged in more places, it’s such a beautiful way to express the views of the artists

    1. I know! I think more places should embrace it too!
      I’ve seen street art on just about every continent and it’s always cool to see it, but I always wonder why there isn’t more of it.

  5. Oh my – thank you for bringing these images and this story into my life! I had no idea how beautiful street art could be. Wow! You pictures are extraordinary. We have some of this happening on a much smaller scale in our downtown – San Jose, California – and I love the movement. Thanks for sharing such beautiful works of are and bringing to light an important social movement.

    1. It’s awesome to see such expression, right?!

      I wanted to post many more pictures, but then it would’ve ended up as a photo album target than a blog post! I’d totally recommend that lifestyle head there and see the wonder for themselves :o)

  6. Thanks for sharing this! All that street art is sooo colourful and cool. Definitely going to visit it when I finally do make my way to Colombia

  7. It looks like yo had a fantastic tour! How on earth did you meet the artist that showed you around? Did you contact them before you arrived?

    It is super interesting to read about the history, as well as see the fantastic art!

    1. It wasn’t preplanned. I was standing around adoring a mural when this guy just starts talking to me about it. After talking for a few minutes and realising that I knew a bit about art, he offered to take me to an area nearby with more murals. He told me the story of how the scene came about on the way.

      Sometimes I just get lucky and meet the right people at the right time! :o)

      1. That is awesome! It’s even better that he was so generous with his time to show you around!

        p.s. i just re-read this…and I LOVE that there are so many cats! All cities should have plenty of cat related street art. :)

  8. I’ve read about the street art in Bogota before, but these pics are amazing. I loved reading that the artists look out for each others work – that’s lovely.

  9. I find the story behind the rise of street art in Columbia absolutely uplifting. I particularly love how they use it to express political opinions and how they want to do something for the poorer folks. I bet it positively affected the vibe in Colombia!
    Thanks for sharing!

    Julie |

    1. I absolutely loved the vibe in Colombia! It felt like everyone always looked out for each other. I also loved how colourful the art made everything. It was really hard not to smile with all that colour around!

    1. Haha. I’ve probably been to s few places you’ve been to, but I’ve only written about a third of the places I’ve been to!

  10. A really interesting history of the street art and the links to politics for some of it. You really did strike gold with your unofficial tour guide, so wonderful to get that insider knowledge.

  11. Wow, this street art is incredible. It really does make a city or place come alive and adds an amazing vibrancy! It’s so cool you met a street artist who was able to show you the best art and tell you more about the art scene there. Nothing beats a locals perspective and story :-)

  12. Aaaah, as a street art blogger myself I really appreciate this post on the Bogota street art scene! I recognise some of the styles and names, like the fish by Pez. I’ve seen these even in London! But what a tragic story about the boy being shot by the police for creating art, that’s horrible :-( It’s a beautiful tribute though if all those cat paintings are indeed in memory of him!

    1. I love street art, but I’m afraid that I’m more of an observer and don’t really know the names of any of the artists. I cant even remember the names of any of the artists I was told about in Bogota! I do get excited when I see pieces by the same artist in different cities though!

  13. I’m really really hoping I’ll be on Colombia next Christmas! So I’ll definitely be on the lookout for this awesome art work, especially the cats’

  14. How wonderfully detailed these pieces are! What a great medium to convey thought-provoking ideas!
    Good on the city for supporting the artists, sad that it took a tragedy for them to get there.

  15. Love all the Street Art you found in Bogota, Colombia, Kez! It looks like a lot of the same famous artists that painted Cartagena and Santa Marta also showcased themselves in Bogota as well!
    One thing that I didnt know was what instigated the street art revolution around the South American Country. Such a shame that it took a child’s death to spurn such beauty!

    1. I found a bit of street art in all Colombian cities, but Bogota had the most, by far! I love that the street art scene is so prolific in Colombia, but it is definitely sad that it took a needless death to make it that way.

  16. I love how the city turned a tragedy into such a beautiful thing. Having street art helps keep the city cleaner by discouraging random tagging. These are all so beautiful and you are so much to get the insiders tour :)

    1. It definitely make the city more vibrant and even if you don’t like all the art you see, it’s still interesting to see the different styles on display.

  17. Wow the street art culture seems big in Columbia! So many graffitis of the (creepy) cats, the concept of master mural is so cool plus the fact that its being used as a constructive outlet for the youth from low-income backgrounds to engage in is so heartwarming. :)

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