Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing

Getting from Osh in Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing

When I was trying to find out about the Dostyk border crossing from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan, I ended up with a lot of conflicting and outdated information. If you go back a few years ago, it seems that this border was known for strictly adhering to rules and thoroughly searching everyone passing through it.

They also had customs and immigration forms to fill out and you had to declare all foreign currency and medicines. These systems may have been in place because of tensions in the area at the time, but seeing as the situation is calm now things are quite different!

The Adventure From Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing Begins

I started my journey from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk border crossing, in Osh, which is part of the Kyrgyz Fergana Valley. Not to be confused with the Uzbek Fergana Valley on the other side of the border. or the Tajik Fergana Valley. You could say the Fergana Valley is a big place.

I waited at a bus stop on the side of Lenin Street for the 138 Mashrutka to Dostyk. Inside the van, there was a board with the Cyrillic for Dostyk, ‘Достук’ written on it. The road was good until we were a little out of the city, then it was bad, then it was good again. The whole trip took about 20 minutes.

The Kyrgyz Side of the Border – Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing

The Mashrutka (minivan) dropped us off in a car park that was about a 50 metre walk from the border. On the right-hand side of the road, there was a huge line of currency exchange shops. Most had the same rates but I found one that had a slightly lower rate than the rest. I exchanged my leftover Kyrgyz Som for Uzbek Som there.

Cattle Gates for People on the Way From Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing

Just after all the money changers were a couple of fenced-in lanes. Almost like cattle gates. They represented the start of the immigration area of the Dostyk Border Crossing. At the end of the lanes were gates where we had to wait for an officer. It felt a bit like we were cattle being herded. When an officer came and opened the gate, I was ushered to the left-hand side after he looked at the front of my passport, while everyone else was ushered to the right.

Kygyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing – Border Oddities

I felt a bit self-conscious walking down an empty lane while the lane next to me, that was full of mostly women, was not moving. None of the people waiting seemed too worried about it though. I guess foreigners don’t go through that border often, so they were happy to let them through? My lane took me straight into the immigration building where there was a huge line of mainly men. I only spotted 3 other women.

Line Jumping at the Dostyk Border

When an old woman with a cane came into the room, everyone moved so she could go to the front of the line. That was nice of them. Then another 2 women with a brood of children ranging from toddlers to teenagers came in. All the men stepped aside for them too. As there were only 2 officers processing a huge amount of people and a lot of people jumping the line, I started thinking that I might be spending a very long time in that building.

Women to the Left

Once I got closer to the desks, I noticed that the men were all going to the right-hand desk and letting the women and children that had passed us before go through the left-hand desk. The women were busy not paying attention, so I slipped in front of them and was out of the building 2 minutes later. It was great to finally be back out in the fresh air.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via Dostyk Border Crossing. Uzbekistan Sunset

Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan – The Uzbek Side of the Dostyk Border

On the Uzbek side, they also had the cattle gate thing happening. There was a tourist lane. As I was the only tourist, I went straight to the gate. An officer came and opened the gate as soon as he saw me walk up, then some local women snuck through the tourist lane after me.

Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing – Friendly Officer at the Gate

The officer was really nice and smiley and asked to see my passport. He told me to follow the path in front of me which went straight into the immigration building. The women that came through behind me were ushered into cattle lanes to the right.

In the Border Building

In the building, I walked straight up to a processing desk. The guy on the other side wasn’t as smiley as the first guy, but still very nice. He stamped me in and handed back my passport with smile and said, “Goodbye and good luck”. Then came the customs check. I put my stuff the conveyor belt then picked it up at the other end.

The officers were busy searching other people’s bag, so I started to walk outside. I then heard someone call out to me. Thinking I was going to get searched, I started walking back, but the man just said, “Hello, welcome”. I had successfully crossed from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistanvia the Dostyk Border crossing with no dramas.

K in Motion Travel Blog. Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via Dostyk Border Crossing. Uzbekistan Sunset from Taxi Station

Getting into Town From the Dostyk Border Crossing

I was expecting to be mobbed by drivers trying to get me in their taxis upon exiting the building, but that didn’t happen. A few guys approached me asking where I was going and then the negotiation started. I was heading to the town of Fergana, about 100km from the border.

The Barter Dance

The first guy suggested 100,000 Som/US$11, so I replied with 30,000 Som/US$3.50. He then went to 35,000 Som/US$4, but I wouldn’t budge from 30,000. That guy gave up, but another nearby guy motioned that he would accept 30,000 and I should go with him.

Waiting and Welcome

I put my stuff in the car and he advised that we needed 3 more people. I thought this would take a while, but 5 minutes later, he told me to jump in the car and we were off. One of the guys in the back of the car said, “Welcome to Uzbekistan” and asked the usual questions. Then everyone was pretty silent for the rest of the trip.

Surprisingly Short and Sweet Crossing from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk Border Crossing

The whole process of getting from Kyrgyzstan to Uzbekistan via the Dostyk border crossing took just over 30 minutes. I had arrived at the Kyrgyz side of the Dostyk Border Crossing, via Mashrutka, at 7pm. By 7:35pm I was happily on my way to my next adventure in the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan.

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  1. Great story. I felt like I was right there with you. I’ve been at border control and customs in airports, but nothing like this. Hope you had a good trip.

    1. I’ve done a lot of overland crossings and this was probably one of the nicest, except for the stuffy room, haha.

    1. Oh really? I think I’ve entered around 45 countries that way. I tend to fly to one place, then continue the rest of my trip overland.

      Land borders are generally more chill and you don’t have to worry about liquid and electronics restrictions like you do at airports. they’re definitely a lot less hassle!

      You can check out my next posts to see what happened next :o)

  2. I visited Uzbekistan for the first time in April and I absolutely loved it! I would love to visit the other Stans like Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan … one day I’ll get there!

    Sarah | Dukes Avenue

  3. What a breeze! I entered Uzbekistan overland from Tajikistan and someone on my bus accidentally handed over their Uzbek visa to the Tajik guards as they departed, instead of to the Uzbek guards as they entered. It turned into a major international incident and held everyone up for HOURS!

    1. Oh wow, that sounds intense. Luckily I crossed all borders in Central Asia by myself, so I never had any hold ups!

  4. This is such a helpful article. I am planning to visit both countries next summer and I need all the info I can get about border crossings and logistics in general.

  5. Goodbye and good luck isn’t the response I’d be most looking to hear as I pass into a new country, but seems like a pretty easy process. Great info

    1. Well, the prices are always overinflated for tourists anyways, but maybe they just realised I’m an expert haggler and decided to save themselves some time. ?

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